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This post makes my inner optimist sad.

I honestly see nothing wrong with plastic surgery. If changing a thing or two will make being happy easier for you, go for it. But doing something because it'll make you happy and doing it because you feel like you need to do it to be accepted are two very different things.

I mean, I can almost understand someone who wants nothing more than to be an entertainer to get something like this done. As fucked as it is, you don't have a chance in that industry if they don't fit into a certain mold of what "beauty" is. But girls and boys looking at these celebrities and thinking they're ugly and they need to change themselves because they don't look exactly like those celebrities, I can't stand it. It's even worse when YOUNG CHILDREN get plastic surgery. Yes, teenagers are young children. They're going to grow and change, and most likely that work they get done will need to be done again after they're done growing.

Also, the fact that these people aren't just getting a little done here, a little there. They're straight out changing their faces completely. And not only changing completely, but they're changing it so they look exactly like everyone else. Guess what? Looking like everyone else isn't going to make you love yourself. You'll change your face and you'll find something else wrong, because your face was never the problem. Your confidence in yourself is the problem. I just wish that people could actually be comfortable with themselves rather than just changing the parts of themselves they don't like.

My goal in life is to see such a drastic change in society that the media has to conform to the people, rather than the people conforming to the media.
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