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Just a thought: Isn't Uriel supposed to be from hell? Like he did something and he punished himself by going to hell to guard... something. I'll have to look that up later. I think he killed someone or something. Lover or something. Hmm. Maybe I'm confusing him with someone else.

But anyway, Uriel said something about "coming down" and I was like "Wait, wasn't Uriel supposed to be in hell? Coming down implies otherwise."

Have I mentioned I don't like the Hannah chick? No, right. I'm new to this journal. But rest assured, I'm quite glad she's dead. And Dean got to talk to Micheal!!! Why does that make me so happy? I kind of love the way he talks. Not sure what it is, but his speech patterns or something, just yeah.

I hate how Karen will sit back there and argue with a TV SHOW about religion. How "There's no way they'll kill the devil because it just can't happen. You can't stop the apocalypse from happening" and "But you're wrong, God did give us free will." It's a fucking TV SHOW. They can do whatever the hell they want if Kripke and the writers deem it necessary. Keep your goddamn religion out of my already far too religion-imbrued TV shows.

Back on track, Sam is awesome. I mean, Sam has always been awesome, but this episode just made him love worthy. It took him how many years of his life to finally tell his dad how he feels. Granted, it doesn't amount to much seeing as how his dad doesn't exactly know he exists, but still. And the tearing up the whole time they're with his parents. Usually I'd say you're a pussy bitch, but I can relate to him in this. It's horrible having your father figure die thinking you're bitter towards him. I can honestly say I'd probably do the same thing.

Also, This has nothing to do with SPN, but the new chapter of DGM should be out soon. February! And I haven't even written my rave about how Kanda has the body of a chick. And et cetera. *cough*

Anyway! What I came on here to say yesterday before I saw the Writer's Block prompt and got pissed by the mere thought of Ray and proceeded to rant about his incompetence at general humanity. I know almost every work to Papermoon. I have no idea what half those words I know mean, but I know them!

Damn you, Japanese language, for being so difficult!

Why was that so important?
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