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I've discovered I need more artbooks. Like now. Specifically these ones:
I'm not actually very big into this manga, or the anime, but the art is just GUH. It's so pretty and the coloring is simple and elegant and yeah. I wold buy a Naruto artbook if I liked the art. Or if they had one. And I detest Naruto. Except that I'm MAYBE thinking about reading the manga? Because it was really the anime that turned me off of it. Soooooo.

SLEEEEEEEEEP NOOOOOOOOW. You can tell I'm tired by all the CAPS going on around here. And, since I've been saying it enough for it to become my official slogan: Procrastinators need no sleep.

(It's sad. I don't have any VK icons. *gasp* Must. Procrastinate. MORE. I shall find some!)
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